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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Brighton Pride Still Set To Go Ahead Despite Strict Coronavirus Lockdown

LGBT pride, Brigthon Pride, Coronavirus

Brighton Pride, one of UK's biggest LGBT+ events, is still set to go ahead despite strict coronavirus lockdown measures, according to event organisers.

London, Birmingham and EuroPride are amongst some of the 100 events that have been cancelled this year after the UK government announced social distancing rules last week.

But Brighton Pride - worth around £20 million to the city - has not yet said it will cancel.

The yearly event attracts thousands of people who come to watch and participate in the street parade.

It is an essential charity fundraising event for Brighton, bringing about £20 million to the city's economy.

If it goes ahead, this year's festival on August 1 and 2 is expected to be extra-busy because the event will celebrate its 30th anniversary with headline acts Mariah Carey and the Pussycat Dolls.

The organisers said in a statement "With the current situation regarding Covid-19 changing at a rapid pace, we will continue contingency planning and working with our partner agencies to deliver a safe and successful event.

"With August being several months away, we are following government advice and will continue to review our position on a regular basis and implement plans accordingly.

LGBT pride, Brigthon Pride, Coronavirus

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank and support the incredibly hard-working NHS and emergency service staff who are always a big and important part of Pride.

"Brighton and Hove Pride is an essential charity fund-raising event for our city and whilst we don 't have a crystal ball, we sincerely hope the summer brings brighter news so that we can all celebrate our wonderful community."

On Thursday, UK's LGBT+ community released a survey by researchers from Queer Voices Heard, it said that 75 per cent of those questioned supported the cancellation or postponement of Prides in the current climate.

One Pride-goer said: "With the over-70s and the vulnerable being told to self isolate for three months and emergency services no longer providing support for large events, I think unfortunately it 's time to cancel just for this year.

"I know a lot of work goes into organising Pride. I have tickets and would be just pleased if they were valid for next year.

"Emergency services won 't have the time to give to organise Pride."

LGBT pride, Brigthon Pride, Coronavirus

On social media many people attacked the refusal to call it off.

One wrote: "Ridiculous. The crowds and close proximity of families makes this an obvious cancellation this year."

Another said: "Every large event worldwide has been cancelled due to this horrible virus and potential for massive loss of life. Get a grip and do the right thing!!"

A third added: "You would have thought they would be more aware, when their community have in the past suffered the devastation of Aids, and the importance of following taking the correct precautions."

And a fourth wrote: "It's madness to even consider holding Pride this year. If it's to do with money, insurance and contracts etc then shame on the Pride organisers for putting profit and money over the health and safety of people.

"If they are not prepared to do the decent thing and cancel this year's Pride now then perhaps the council should cancel their license to hold the event."
[ By Daily Star ]

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