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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Chile Counting Coronavirus Dead As Recovered Patients Because They’re Not Contagious

Coronavirus dead

Chile is counting dead coronavirus patients as recovered because they are no longer contagious.

The South American country has recorded 7,919 cases and 92 deaths.

In a bizarre press conference, the country’s Health Minister said the fatalities had “recovered”.

Jaime Mañalich explained: "We have 898 patients who are no longer contagious, who are not a source of contagion for others and we include them as recovered.

“These are the people who have completed 14 days of diagnosis or who unfortunately have passed away.”

It is not known when Chile began included the dead among the recovered.

 Health Minister Jaime Mañalich

On Monday, Mañalich warned that "prudence and wisdom" was needed when enforcing quarantines.

He said: “Quarantining a place where various people live in a few square meters is not only a sacrifice that generates enormous trauma and health risks, especially for mental health and intra-family violence.

"It is a tool that produces a shift of such magnitude in people's freedom of movement that it has to be used with great care, prudence and wisdom."

Last week, the government announced that those who have recovered from the virus will be exempt from adhering to quarantine and other restrictions.

Mañalich told a press conference: “Those given a medical discharge certificate will be freed from all types of quarantine or restriction, specifically because they can help their communities enormously since they pose no risk.”

However, radical changes are not likely.

Ministers want to be certain the UK is past the peak of the outbreak before easing restrictions.

[ By Daily Star ]

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