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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Man Breaks Into Closed Restaurant, Spends Four Days Eating And Drinking

Authorities in Connecticut have alleged that a man broke into a restaurant and remained there for four days as he ate and drank as much as he could - all while the business remained closed due to the enforced coronavirus lockdown.

Officers from the New Haven Police Department arrested 42-year-old Louis Angel Ortiz on Tuesday after responding to reports of a robbery. It was only after they had examined security footage from inside the restaurant that they realized the length of stay of the full extent of the damage.

In a lengthy statement on the incident posted to social media, New Haven Police said:

"Officers responded to a burglary in progress at a downtown Crown Street restaurant. The caller reported finding an unknown man, later identified as Louis Angel Ortiz, asleep in the closed restaurant.”

"Arriving officers located Ortiz nearby on Crown Street and detained him. The 42-year-old New Haven man was found in possession of a bottle of the restaurant's rum. Investigators reviewed security video footage which confirmed the initial burglary occurred several days prior on Saturday when Ortiz made entry through a side window of the restaurant.”

The illuminating report continued, revealing the full extent of Ortiz’s crime:

"Officers learned Ortiz helped himself over the course of four days to the restaurant's food, liquor, and beer. In addition to eating and drinking at the restaurant, Ortiz removed beverages and property from the building."
As per, Mr Ortiz has subsequently been charged with third-degree burglary, third-degree larceny, and first-degree criminal mischief for his crimes. His bail has been set at $12,500.

Unfortunately, many businesses in the food and drink industry have been forced to contend with the growing threat of crime during the lockdown. One report claims that New York City has experienced a 75% increase in the number of burglaries as criminals try to take advantage of the new, quieter high street.

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