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Monday, April 13, 2020

North Korea Launches Anti-ship Missiles From Jets Into The Sea Of Japan

Kim Jung Un

North Korea has fired multiple anti-ship missiles into the Sea of Japan, according to South Korean Joint Chiefs.

The missiles flew about 150km and are believed to be anti-ship weapons, according to Reuters correspondent Josh Smith.

South Korean and American intelligence officials are analysing the situation.

The missiles are understood to have been fired from Sukhoi jets.

It comes after North Korea's state media reported on Sunday that leader Kim Jong Un had observed drills by fighter jets and attack aircraft during a visit to an airbase.

In a statement, the South Korea's Ministry of National Defense said: "North Korea launched a projectile this morning, estimated to be a short-range cruise missile from the Muncheon area in Gangwon-do to the East Sea.

"In this regard, the Korean military maintains a firm readiness while respecting North Korea's additional military trends, and the ROK-US intelligence authorities are now closely analysing the matter."

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