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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

North Korea Releases Video Of Streets Of Pyongyang Amid Kim Jong-Un Health Rumors


North Korea has released video clips in a bid to show the regime is doing fine despite media reports claiming North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is gravely ill.

In one of the videos, North Korea also claimed there are no COVID-19 cases within its borders. Yoon Jung-min reports.


Despite the swell of health rumors swirling around North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, life on the streets of Pyeongyang remained "normal" this week,... at least according to video clips filmed by news agency APTN.

North Koreans on the street are seen wearing face masks due to the regime's coronavirus crackdown. North Korea also uploaded a video clip titled "True or False" on its social media,... to claim there is no panic buying in the North as some foreign media have suggested.

(sov: Did price of goods go up these days?) "Well, I don't think so. Products from a fruit farm along Daedonggang River actually got cheaper."

"I think the fake news is the last thing we need in such fierce battle time with COVID-19. And it is another reason that we should keep vigilance for." To shrug off claims by some experts that the COVID-19 situation would be severe in North Korea, the video showed colleges that it claims opened after just two months,... saying it was possible as there are no cases of the virus thanks to a thorough quarantining system.

It appears North Korea is voicing out by using propaganda to dispel rumors surrounding Kim Jong-un's reported ill health.

[ By Arirang News ]

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