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Friday, April 10, 2020

The Animals Taking Over Cities While The World Is In Lockdown

With more than 200 countries affected by coronavirus (at the time of writing), governments around the world have imposed lockdown measures and advised citizens to stay indoors as much as possible. Frustrated, lonely and bored as many of us are, there have been a few unlikely winners from this tragic affliction. From defiant deer to inquisitive goats and flamboyant peacocks, here are the animals making the most of empty streets and deserted squares.

mountain goats

Llandudno’s daily power-walking group takes a more urban route.

Drawn in by empty streets, mountain goats have climbed down from rocky cliffs of Great Orme to explore the Welsh town of Llandudno.


A group of monkeys discover their Uber pool is oversubscribed.

A local drives out to feed monkeys during the first day of India’s nationwide lockdown in Ode village, Ahmedabad.

Sika deer

‘Mate, two metres!’

Sika deer enjoy the lack of crowds as they wander through the ancient streets of Nara, Japan.

flock of ducks

‘Follow me, ladies – it’s our time to shine.’

A flock of ducks gathers near Adnan Menderes Boulevard in Adana, Turkey.

 Wild deer

A wild deer tries to renew his phone contract in the absence of long queues.

Wild deer roam through the deserted streets of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka during the nationwide lockdown.


‘What are you gonna do about it?’

Fallow deer from Dagnam Park graze in the residential streets of Harold Hill, East London.


Peacocking his two-hour exercise slot.

A lone peacock wanders through the streets of Dubai.

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