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Saturday, May 9, 2020

MasterChef Contestant Kicked Out For Presenting A Dead Bird To The Judges

 Dead Bird

MasterChef Australia, lift your game.

While the current Aussie season of the show has viewers arguing about whether we're seeing too much of Poh or that Laura's a bit too fond of making pasta, over in Spain a contestant just got booted from their version of MasterChef for serving up a whole dead bird to the judges.

Season eight MasterChef Spain contestant Saray presented the show's judges with an unplucked, uncooked partridge.

27-year-old social worker Saray was reportedly squeamish about having to pluck the bird for that week's cooking challenge. Already upset with previous harsh critiques she'd received from the judges, she instead decided to present the partridge, uh, al dente.

It's like Saray read the lyrics to the Australian MasterChef theme song and thought they were cooking instructions.

And it somehow makes it worse that she still plated it up with dressing and cherry tomatoes, doesn't it? Yep, it's definitely worse.

[ By  NZ Herald ]

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