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Saturday, July 18, 2020

5 Things You Should Only Keep To Yourself If You Want To Be Happy

Whenever we have a big accomplishment or we do something that makes us feel proud of ourselves we feel the need to share it with the world. We want to shout it out loud so that the whole world can hear us because we feel satisfied with ourselves. We want to share our accomplishments with the world, connect with other people and be closer to one another. We want to tell each other our deepest secrets, share our worries and express our heartbreak.

But as much as we want to say it all, there are still things we should only keep to ourselves if we want to be truly happy. Why? Well, because it’s the only way we can protect ourselves from heartache and pain, it’s the only way to shield ourselves from the negative people and the envious ones. Some things should always be kept private and that’s just how it is.

Here are 5 things you should always keep private and never share with anyone else:

Your dreams and goals

According to some studies if you share your biggest dreams and goals openly with everyone around you, there’s a high chance you’ll never accomplish them. The mere joy of saying your hopes and dreams out loud somehow lowers your motivation and makes it harder for you to accomplish them later on in life. If we add people’s judgment and their high expectations afterwards, you’re probably headed for failure.

Your family problems

There’s not a family in the world that doesn’t have its problems and quarrels, where’s the fun in always getting along perfectly? But it’s just how we all function, we get at each other’s throats and then we kiss and make up. These are all things that should be kept in the family because the moment you start discussing them with others, they become even bigger. 

Your private life

The only thing you’re going to achieve if you share your private secrets with others is to make it even worse than it is. The minute you start discussing your love affairs with someone outside the relationship, you break your partner’s trust. And once that trust is broken, there’s no going back.

Your wealth and your earnings

If you start showing off your wealth, your material possessions and your big fat salary checks to everyone else, there’s a high chance that you’ll be misinterpreted. People may think that you’re bragging and will probably see you as arrogant. There are people who have much less than you and who will think of you as entitled if you keep talking about how much you earn.

Your kindness

We all want to help out those in need as much as we can but we shouldn’t be doing it only when someone else is watching. If you want to be kind to others, do it without expecting a golden medal for it. Do it for yourself and for those who need your kindness the most. You’ll see that it feels much better this way.

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