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Monday, July 20, 2020

Loyal Camel Walks 100 km Alone For 7 Days In Desert To Find Old Owner

Inner Mongolia: A loyal camel went on a solo trek to find its old home after it was sold to another family more than 100 kilometres away. The elderly animal was exhausted and covered in scars when it finally met its former owner.

In October last year, the former owners had sold the aged animal to a herdsman who was farming camels. However, the homesick camel ran away from its new home after eight months.

The camel went on a solo trek to find its former owners on June 27, according to local media. He was covered in scars after crossing sharp fences and busy highways.

Loyal Camel

After walking for seven days, a local herdsman spotted the injured camel and took him home while trying to find its owner. He managed to contact the most recent owner, however, when the former owner heard about the camel's arduous journey, they decided to buy back the animal. They agreed on the deal of exchanging a three-year-old female camel for the homesick animal.

The former owners said that they plan to keep the camel and let it roam freely outdoors. "We won't do anything to it. I would not sell it for anything," they told Pear Video.

Loyal Camel

A video of the incident has gone viral on Chinese social media platforms. Netizens were touched by the camel's loyalty. One user said, "Animals really understand and have a connection with humans. If you treat them well, they will miss you." Another wrote, "This has brought me to tears. Animals are so pure. Please take good care of it from now on."

However, there were some people who were concerned about the three-year-old female camel. "What has she done to deserve this? Will she also run all the way back home?" one asked.

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