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10 Mysterious Occult Books of Magic

The occult is a category of mystical beliefs and practices. Surrounding such phenomena as those involving mysticism, spirituality, and magic.

Occult books on the other hand can give you a spine-chilling feeling and make you more curious about how to initiate magical practices. These books can also be an exciting way to learn older belief systems, some of them may contain a lot of power which you probably need to leave to the more experienced people, like the scholars or magicians.

A practice known as anthropodermic bibliopegy is being practiced by J.F Penn (an award-nominated, New York Times and the USA today bestselling author of thrillers and dark fantasy). She uses human skin as bound in his books, in A Thousand Fiendship Angels, and Deviance as a skin collector reaps off the tattooed bodies of castaway Londoners.

A collection of 10 Occult Books of Magic is about to be unrevealed, be careful about what you do with them. These books may contain massive powers that some cannot handle. 

The Codex Gigas

1. The Codex Gigas

This book dates 13th century Czech Republic. It was said that this book contains all knowledge, drawing of the devil, and exorcism rituals. It was also tagged as the ‘Devil’s Bible”. In a legend, this book was created at the hands of a grievously sinned monk. The monk promised to write down all human knowledge in one night to prevent the punishment of being walled up alive. He could not finish the book, so the monk bargained with the devil- his soul for the finished book.

The Devil’s Bible holds the book of the Latin Bible and spells, incantations, images of the devil and the kingdom of heaven and exorcism prayers. There are also some missing pages of the book that merges art history and religion.

The Codex Gigas is a huge and heavy book. The book weighs 165 pounds and each of the 620 pages is almost 3 feet long. The book was thrown from a window to save it from fire and it also survived theft from Prague. 

The Book of Soyga

2. The Book of Soyga

There is only one person who knows where the Book of Soyga came from. The astronomer and advisor of Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee, also owns a copy of the book.

The occult credentials of John Dee once saw him depicted in a painting surrounded by skulls. In the early 17th century the book disappeared after Dee’s death, but in 1994 two copies appeared. The copies were in the library catalog, in the British Library and Bodleian Library in Oxford and not hidden. The Librarians entered the copies under a different name.

Also known as ‘the book that kills’ and ‘Aldaraia,’ John Dee used means to decipher the Latin magical book. The book contains astrology, a strange mix of incantations, and demonology which no one understands. According to a scholar Jim Reeds, magical books spells backward for instance, Soyga becomes ‘Agios’ Greek word for holy.

The book means much to Dee since it features a genealogy of angels, which Dee has been trying to contact. There are indecipherable letters as well at the back of the book that even scholars get confused. According to Dee, it is only archangel Michael who could interpret the book. 

The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam

3. The Picatrix or Ghayat al Hikam

Picatrix origin remains hidden in mystery. Scholars think that it dates to 11th century Andalusia. The book is written in Arabic text combines science, astrology, and philosophy. It was in 1256 that the book’s Latin translation appeared.

The Picartrix is one of the most infamous occult books because of its magical recipes. For instance, if you want someone to stop you from leaving, you need to mix a man’s semen with blood and cook it with honey. Give the potion to the person you don’t want to leave and they will stay. Some odd concoctions were, mixing blood, urine, or brains with an element like opium.

The book became an important resource for magicians because it combined astrological principles and practical techniques. 

The Voynich Manuscript

4. The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript perhaps is the most studied among the occult books. It contains almost 250 pages written in an unfamiliar alphabet, studied by scholars for five centuries.

No one thinks that this is an occult book but its illustrations gave out a clue. The book featured naked people and some plants or astronomical charts that look like the zodiac. Some scholars think that the book was dated the late 15th or early 16th century. The scholars also believe that it is European, although it has an unidentified language which they can’t be sure with the claim. 

The Oera Linda Book

5. The Oera Linda Book

This book is perhaps the nastiest of the occult books due to its links to Nazism. The book was written in Old Frisian and claimed to contain records of events from 4 millennia including information about Atlantis. It became the favorite book of Heinrich Himmler (one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and a leading architect of the Holocaust). However, the first people who translated it thought that it was nonsense or a hoax.

Scholars trailed the paper stock to a German supplier and dated 1850. Yet Himmler defended the olden book. Himmler renamed it the “Nordic Bible” and embraced its contents. For him, the book legitimatized the Aryan race as the progenies of Atlantis. Based on the book, the Nordic people made many things that started in the Middle East, in Africa, or the Mediterranean.

There was a debate about the book’s authenticity that led to Ahnenerbe’s formation. They are the force that pressured academics to accept Nazi concepts. The Oera Linda Book proved that people could use the book to push a threatening agenda. 

The Grand Grimoire (The Red Dragon)

 6. The Grand Grimoire (The Red Dragon)

With the book’s name Grand Grimoire, people who will read it expect plenty of occult secrets. Which it delivers to enthusiasm. Some said that the author based the book on King Solomon’s work and many believed it was dated to the early 16th century.

In the 18th century many grimoires flooded the French market following better access to the printing press. The book reached the French colonies like Haiti, which explains why some Haitian Voodoo practitioners still use it.

The version available now was dated to the early 19th century. The book is also known as the Gospel of Satan and the Red Dragon. Its first part explains how to enslave a demon. Other rituals in the book include necromancy.

The official is keeping the original copy of the book in the secret archive at the Vatican. There are rumors that the book can’t be destroyed even by fire. 

The Rohonc Codex

7. The Rohonc Codex

The book appeared in the early 19th century in Hungary. It has an unknown illustrator or the manuscript even when the language used in the book is mysterious. Some said that it was an 18th-century hoax due to its unconventional writing system. Other who studied the codex thought that the paper dates to 1530s Venice although there was no guarantee that the author wrote the book at the same time.

The book’s text and illustration can’t be translated, making it the most mysterious occult book. Scholars think that the text is Hungarian characters. One attempt came close to translating the book and if proven correct, the book is religious. 

The Black Pullet

8. The Black Pullet

The book dates to 18th century France. Based on the book’s legend one of Napoleon’s officers wrote the book in Egypt. The only survivor from the attack, an old who helped the Frenchman inside a pyramid. Inside the pyramid, the old man kept an ancient manuscript which he passed on the teachings to the officer.

The book’s name, The Black Pullet, was derived from a hen’s legend that lays golden eggs. It was said that whoever owns and controlled the hen will be wealthy. It resembles the folklore around the goose that laid golden eggs. Other spells from the book include instructions for making talisman and amulets. Talismans help you to control the djinn, force the truth out of people and destroy your rivals. 

The Munich Manual

9. The Munich Manual

The book was written in Latin. It is also known as the Necromancer’s Manual because it focuses on necromancy and demonology. The Munich Manual dates to the 15th century. Immersed in black magic, the book contains spells that create an illusion, see into the future and control others. The book calls these forms of magic Illusionist, Divinatory, and Psychological. Grimoires of the period include angel folklore while the Munich Manual only has demons.

Among its commands is a ritual of making a Mirror of Lilith used in divination. Lilith was said to be the first wife of Adam before Eve based on Kabbalah. Lilith doesn’t appear in the bible but she was featured in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Mirrors act as a portal to her territory; therefore the ritual of creating a Mirror of Lilith allows a magician for her guidance. 

The Galdrabok

 10. The Galdrabok

This book came from Ireland in the 16th century. It contains 47 spells from an array of magicians which rely on the use of boards. These are symbols you might write into a paper or onto an object then carry the object with you along with their magical properties.

The Galdrabok was featured in J.F. Penn in her Delirium, was given to Blake Daniel from his Swedish ancestors and was responsible for the demons that plague his father. Most of the spells in the book relate to protection or healing. These spells can cure insomnia or headache and help ease childbirth. Some spells can help you catch a thief or win a legal battle.

But other spells help a magician hurt others. Spell 46 includes “fart runes” causing your enemies nonstop gassiness. The book also contains spells that can poison or kill animals. The Galdrabok shows an enthralling source of information about Germanic Gods and magical beliefs in Iceland.

These books can make or break someone, especially those who are not familiar with handling spells or magic. It can help you improve your magic skills, or it can also cause a severe effect on others. That is why keeping away from these occult books is highly suggested for safety reasons.

Written by Kris De Vera Estrella, Lucis Philippines

Ramayana: The Indian Ancient Epic

Written stories or articles play a vital role in every country or region’s history. It does not only sets a record, but it also showcases the rich culture and preserves the norm of society. 

Aside from its unique array of sceneries like the Taj Mahal, its appealing food, and colorful festivity, India is known for its virtuous literature. It does not only display a story of significant battles, mythical creatures, and brilliant landscapes, but it is a guiding light in life for millions of Hindus across the globe. It presents teachings from ancient Hindu, interspersing philosophical and ethical elements alongside golden lessons that can bind people to an ideal life. One of the two famous epics written in Sanskrit from ancient India, The Ramayana. 

Image: India Today

An Epic traditionally ascribed to the Maharishi (a Sanskrit word indicating the highest order of Indian sages popularly known in India as seers) Valmiki (also known as Lal Beg or Bala Shah, is celebrated as the harbinger-poet in Sanskrit literature). Ramayana, along with Mahābhārata, is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. It forms the Hindu Itihasa (collection of written descriptions of important events in Hinduism or narrative of past events). The name is a sandhi compound of the words Rama and Yana (journey or the journey of Rama) 

Being one of the largest ancient epics in the literary world. Ramayana consists of nearly 24 000 verses, mostly Shloka/Anustubh (poetic forms used in Sanskrit). It is divided into five Kandas: the ayodhyakāṇḍa, the araṇyakāṇḍa, the kiṣkindakāṇḍa, the sundarākāṇḍa, and the laṅkākāṇḍa with two additional Kandas, the uttarākāṇḍa, the bālakāṇḍa. Sometimes Balakanda is considered the main epic, and to many, Uttarakhand is the later interpolation. Thus, it is not attributed to the work of Valmiki. It also consists of about 500 Tsargas (chapter). Ramayana is also considered to be the Adi-kavya (first poem). Because of its significance, Ramayana has many versions in the Indian language. It has some adaptations or versions in Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia (Reamker), Indonesia (Kakawin Ramayana and Balinese Ramakavaca), Philippines (Maharadia Lawana), Thailand (Ramakien), Laos (Phra Lak Phra Lam), Myanmar (Yama Zatdaw), and Malaysia (Hikayat Seri Rama).

There were some attempts to unravel the historical growth of the epic and compositional layers. Recent scholars believed that the earliest stage of the text range from the 7th to 4th centuries BCE, and the oldest stage might extend up to the 3rd century CE. 

(Kingdom of Kosala)
Image: Wikipedia

Was Ramayana based on a real historical persona?

Ramayana narrates the life of Rama, the legendary prince of the kingdom Kosala. An illustration of his 14 exiles by his father King Dasharatha (descendant of the Raghuvanshi-Ikshvaku-Suryavansha dynasty and the Maharaja of Koshala Kingdom) as requested by his step-mother Kaikeyi. Prince Rama, being the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It also tells his travel in the forest in Bharath with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana and the kidnapping of Sita by the King of Lanka, Ravana. It then resulted in a war wherein Prince Rama seek help from Hanuma, head of Vanara, the ape-men army (see Adam’s Bridge). Prince Rama returned to Ayodhya (city and administrative headquarters of Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, India) and crowned King amidst euphoria and celebration. 

It also unravels lessons on morality, ethics, philosophy, and even politics. It shows how the noble sees the courage, the feminist lures the lessons of equality, and people draw comfort from the God-like facade of Rama-Sita. Thus it presents the teachings of ancient Hindu sages. 

Image: India Today

Regarded as one of the most important literature of ancient India, Ramayana has an insightful influence on the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asian art and culture except Vietnam. It inspired much secondary literature in various languages, Telugu language (Dravidian language spoken by Telugu people living in Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Yanam district of Puducherry) Molla Ramayanam by poet Molla (Telugu poet who authored the Telugu-language Ramayana) another is Ranganatha Ramayanam (one of the most famous adaptations of Ramayana in Telugu) by poet Gona Budda Reddy, 14th century, Kannada (a Dravidian language spoken by people of Karnataka in the southwestern region of India) poet Narahari’sNarahari’s Torave Ramayana and 15th century Bengali (Indo-Aryan ethnolinguistic group native to Bengal region in South Asia) poet Krittibas Ojha’sOjha’s (medieval Bengali poet) Krittivasi Ramayan, as well as the 16th century Awadhi version, Ramacharitamanas (an epic poem in Awadhi language), written by Tulsidas (also known as Goswami Tulsidas a Ramanandi Vaish ava saint and poet) and, Kambaramayanam (Tamil epic) by Tamil poet Kambar (medieval Tamil Hindu poet) of the 12th century. 

In the 8th century, Ramayana became popular in Southeast Asia; it was then represented in literature, dance, theatre, and temple architecture. Ramlila is a dramatic enactment across India and someplace across the world within the Indian diaspora (non-resident Indians or people with Indian origin who live outside India).

Indeed Ramayana have had influenced and preserved the cultural way of living and serves as a beacon of ancient Indian tales. It is believed to demonstrate the righteous path (dharma) for all living beings on earth. 


The epic is not just seen as just a literary testament but serves an essential part of Hinduism. It holds high regard that the mere reading or hearing a certain passage is believed by the Hindus to free them from their sins and bless the reader or the listener.

With the things that have been going on in our world, the bustle and hustle in every corner, countless religious manifestations, and vibrant festivals that are part of human life, getting back to the cultural roots will make some realizations about how life should be lived.

With every curious eye that tries to question and understand every tradition that comes in its way, Ramayana, the ancient Indian tale, will live in its honor in the memory of every people. 

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Tagalog Stories: Demonic Oppression

Demonic Oppression

Itago nyo nalang ako sa pangalang Arch. Nais kong ibahagi ang aking karanasan noong aking kabataan tungkol sa magic.

Bata palang ako ay may interest na ako sa mga kakaibang bagay, ang tawag nga sakin ng mga kaklase ko ay weirdo kasi kakaiba raw ang aking trip.

Mahilig akong magbasa ng mga kababalaghan, mga kulam, at black magic. Nagsimula akong magk-interest sa ganun noong first year high school ako.

Minsan pumupunta pa ako sa internet cafe para mag download ng mga kakaibang ritual sa withcraft at black magic, pinapaprint ko at pagkatapos ay pinapa-bookbind.

Madalas ay pinagtatawanan na ako ng mga kaklase ko dahil sa mga pinapabasa ko sa kanila. Sa Catholic school kasi ako nag-aral ng High School.

Pagka-graduate ko ng High School ay dito ako sa Manila nag-aral ng college, mas lalo akong nagka interest sa Witchcraft dahil mas marami ang resources dito sa syudad kumpara sa province.

At dahil estudyante palang ako at wala akong pambili ng mga libro na nakikita ko sa internet ay mga libreng impormasyon nalang sa internet ang inaaral at binabasa ko.

Nagkainterest akong pag-aralan kung paano makipag usap sa mga multo at kung paano sila tawagin. Pinag-aralan ko rin noon kung paano buksan ang third eye kasi doon ako na-curious ng sobra. Kapag bukas daw kasi ang third eye mo ay makakakita ka ng mga hindi nakikita ng iba.

Gabi-gabi ay pinapractice ko ang mga ritual na aking dinawnload sa internet. Nagdodorm kasi ako noon at solo sa room kaya nagagawa ko sa loob ng kwarto ang aking gustong gawin.

Demonic Oppression, Spirit Calling
Image: Pixabay

Madalas kong ginagawa tuwing gabi ay nagmemeditate ako na may mga kandilang nakapalibot sa akin, pikit ang mga mata ko habang tinatawag ko kung merong espiritong nasa paligid, kinakausap ko sila gamit ang aking isip at sinusulat ko sa journal ang mga salitang pumapasok sa aking isip, kasi ayon sa nabasa ko ay minsan ganun daw makipag usap ang mga espiritu, ang tawag doon ay Telepathic Messages.

Sa aking pagbabasa sa internet ay nacurious ako sa isang bagay, isang bato na pwede daw gamitin para buksan ang third eye.

Ang tawag sa batong iyon ay Lapis Lazuli. Ang Lapis Lazuli ay kilala rin sa tawag na Third Eye Chakra.

At dahil sa University Belt ako nagdodorm ay sinubukan kong pumunta sa may Quiapo Church para maghanap ng batong iyon.

Sa pag punta ko sa gilid ng Quiapo Church ay namangha ako sa aking mga nakita, sari-saring agimat, mga bato, at yung iba ay pangkulam pa.

Sa pag iikot ko ay may nakita akong blue na bato. Dali-dali kong tiningnan ang nakita kong bato kung yun na nga ang hinahanap kong Lapis Lazuli.
Demonic Oppression, Lapis Lazuli
Image: Wikipedia

Maliit lang siya na hugis triangle. Tinanong ko sa tindero kung ano ang pangalan ng batong iyon at ang sagot nya ay Lapis Lazuli. Hindi na ako nagdalawang isip at binili ko ang maliit na bato. Pagkatapos ay umuwi ako.
Dahil gabi na at medyo pagod ako ay natulog ako ng maaga, inilagay ko ang bato sa ilalim ng akong unan. Kinabukasan pagkagising ko ay kinuha ko ang bato sa ilalim ng aking unan at tinitingnan ko habang nakahiga.

Medyo inaantok pa ako ng mga oras na iyon. Inilagay ko ang bato sa aking noo at ipinikit ko ang aking mga mata para matulog ulit, baka kasi sa ganun paraan ay mabuksan ang aking third eye.

Papatulog na ang diwa ko nang makarinig ako ng mga nagliliparan sa ceiling ng aking kwarto, tila mga boses na umiiyak galing impyerno, katulad sa mga napapanood ko sa Sci-fi movies.

Demonic Oppression, Smoke
Image: First Response

Maya-maya ay tila may kuryenteng nag penetrate sa aking katawan galing sa ceiling ng aking room. Ramdam na ramdam ko ang pangyayari na parang may nagtangkang pumasok sa aking katawan.

Napakilig ako sa pagkakahiga at biglang bumukas ang aking mga mata. Pagmulat ko ay dali-dali akong tumayo, bumangon, binuksan ang pinto ng aking kwarto at tumakbo palabas sa sala.

Hindi ko maidescribe ang nangyari. Buti nalang at walang tao sa sala. Alam kong hindi ako nanaginip ng mga oras na yun. Nang mahimasmasan ako ay bumalik ako sa loob ng aking kwarto, humiga at iniisip pa rin ang nangyari.

Iyon pala ang simula ng kakaibang pakikipagsapalaran ko araw at gabi.

Mag gagabi na, hindi ko ginawa ang ritwal na kadalasan kong ginagawa tuwing gabi dahil medyo hindi pa rin ako maka move on sa narasan ko ng araw na iyon.

Mag 10pm na at sinubukan kong matulog. Patulog na ako ng biglang may demonyong nagpakita sa aking panaginip, sinasakal niya ako sa leeg, pilit ko siyang nilalabanan pero malakas siya, hindi ako makagalaw dahil hinahawakan niya ang aking mga kamay.

Demonic Oppression, Sleep Paralysis
Image: Sleep Cycle

Purong itim ang nilalang na aking nakita at mapula ang mga mata. Kapag nagigising ako ay nawawala siya pero sa oras na nakakatulog ako ay muli siyang bumabalik sa aking panaginip at patuloy akong sinasakal.

Magdamag na ganoon ang nangyari sa akin buong gabi. Halos hindi ako nakatulog hanggang inabutan na ako ng umaga.

At dahil puyat ako ay pinilit ko pa rin matulog kahit umaga na, pero sa tuwing nakakatulog ako ay bumabalik ang demonyo sa aking panaginip at patuloy akong sinasakal.

Gabi-gabi ay ganoon na ang nangyayari sa akin. Medyo nababahala na rin ako ngunit wala akong pinagsabihan. Itinigil ko ang mga ritual na ginagawa ko dahil medyo nangangamba ako sa nararanasan ko lalo at hindi siya nawawala.

Dahil sa mga nararanasan ko ay napilitan akong lumapit sa Diyos, bagay na hindi ko ginagawa, dahil hindi ako palasimba at hindi rin ako maka Diyos.

Demonic Oppression, Quiapo Church
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Muli akong bumalik sa Quiapo Church, pumasok sa Simbahan, nagbabakasakali na may makausap na pari.

Sa pag pasok ko sa simbahan ay may isang babae ang biglang lumapit sa akin.

Tinanong nya ako kung kailangan ko raw ng tulong o may problema ako. Nagulat ako sa kanyang mga tanong. Napatingin ako sa kanya ng may pagtataka.

Natanong ko tuloy sa aking sarili "Ano ang alam niya?"

Tinanong ko ang babae kung ano ang ibig niyang sabihin. Sinabi niya na sakin pag pasok ko palang daw sa Simbahan ay nakuha ko na ang kanyang atensiyon, nakaramdam siya ng kakaiba at nagtayuan ang kanyang mga balahibo. Umiikot raw kasi ang aking mga mata.

Nagpakilala siya sa akin na isa sa mga taong Simbahan at nagbabantay sa Quiapo Church.

Kinuwento ko sa kanya ang mga nararanasan ko at tinanong niya ako kung gusto ko raw magkumpisal? Napa-oo nalang ako kasi naisip ko na sa paraan na yun ay makakausap ko ang pari.

Pumasok ang confession room sa gilid ng simbahan, isang maliit na kwarto, habang nasa kabilang wall ang pari, hindi ko kita ang kanyang itsura, tanging dingding na may maliliit na butas lang ang aking nkikita.

Tinanong ako ng pari kung ano ang nais kong ikumpisal, kinuwento ko sa kanya ang lahat, na nag-aral ako ng Withcraft, Occult, at sinubukan kong buksan ang aking third eye hanggang sa nakaranas na ako ng kakaibang pangyayari kung saan may isang demonyong itim ang sumasakal sakin gabi-gabi.

Ang naipayo nya lang ay itigil ko ang aking ginagawa at magdasal gabi-gabi. Hindi ko alam kung makakatulong ba ang mga sinabi nya pero nangako ako na gagawin ko.

Pagkatapos ng kumpisal ay lumabas ako ng Simbahan at dumaan sa gilid para bumili ng rosary, pina- Bless ko rin ito sa may office ng Quiapo Church at umuwi na sa dorm.

Pag uwi ko sa dorm ay nahiga agad ako dahil medyo napagod ako sa aking lakad. Hawak-hawak ko ang rosary ng bigla akong nakatulog. Nagpakita na naman ang demonyo, hawak nya ang dalawang kamay ko habang pilit kong inaabot ang rosary sa may uluhan ko.

Sa panaginip ko kasi ay nabitiwan ko ang rosary. Pilit kong nilalabanan ang demonyo at inaabot ang rosary, pero ang lakas niya at hindi ko makaya. Bigla akong nagising. Pag kagising ko ay nakita ko ang rosary na hindi ko hawak malapit siya sa aking uluhan.

Doon na ako nagtaka kung panaginip ba talaga ang nararansan ko o isang totoong pangyayari.

Ganun at ganun pa rin ang nangyayari bawat gabi. Minsan kahit katanghalian at natutulog ako ay umaatake ang demonyo. Unti-unti akong nagkakaroon ng anxiety sa mga nangyayari kaya tinawagan ko ang isa sa mga kaibigan ko para magpasama sa dorm, sinabi ko nalang na na bobore ako at gusto ko ng kausap.

Hapon na ng dumating ang kaibigan ko. Madaling araw na pero di pa rin ako dinadalaw ng antok kaya nagdo-DOTA lang ako habang tulog ang aking kaibigan. Napapansin ko na umuungol siya, pero di ko pinapansin kasi baka nananaginip lang, pero habang tumatagal ay lumalakas ng lumalakas ang kanyang ungol kaya ginising ko siya.

Napansin kong pawis na pawis din siya kahit hindi naman mainit sa loob ng room.

Pagkagising niya ay napatingin siya sa akin. May sumasakal daw na kanya sa panaginig.

Napaisip ako at nagtayuan ang aking balahibo. Tinanong ko kung ano ang itsura ng sumasakal sa kanya.

Maiitim daw na nilalang na sobrang pula ng mata. Mas lalo akong nahiwagaan sa nangyari. Dahil sa nangyari ay nawala ang kanyang antok, sinabi nya sakin na siya muna ang maglalaro sa computer. Ako naman ang humiga at natulog.

Sa aking pagtulog ay lumabas na naman ang maitim na nilalang, hindi na nya ako sinasakal kundi hawak na nya ang dalawa kong kamay, pilit ko siyang nilalabanan para makawala sa paghawak niya sa akin, kukunin ko kasi ang rosary sa aking bulsa ngunit napakalakas niya talaga at pinipigilan ako. Pilit kong ginigising ang aking sarili sa pagkatulog pero para akong binabangungot at hindi makagalaw.

Magdamag na ganun ang nangyayari sa akin ngunit hindi ko sinasabi sa aking kaibigan dahil ayaw kong siyang mag-alala o magtanong pa.

Kinaumagahan ay nagpasama ang aking kaibigan sa bahay ng kanyang Tita, may kukunin daw siya, at dahil wala naman akong gagawin ay sumama ako.

Pagdating namin sa bahay ay namangha ako, parang isang museum ang bahay, maraming collection ng statues at mga lumang gamit. Naupo ako sa sala at pumasok ang kaibigan ko sa kwarto ng tita niya. Sa sala ay napapansin kong tingin ng tingin sa akin ang isang babaeng matanda. Lately ko nalaman na siya pala ay kasambahay.

Maya-maya ay lumabas ang mga pinsan ng aking kaibigan at nagkwentuhan kami sa sala. Umupo ang matanda sa aking tabi. Tinanong nya ako kung gusto ko raw magpahula. Napaisip ako at medyo nagtaka. Tinanong ko kung para saaan. Para daw sa mga bagay-bagay kung magiging successful ako sa buhay. Marami raw kasi siyang hinuhulaan. Kaya pumayag naman ako.
Demonic Oppression, Cartomancy
Image: Pinterest

Inilapag nya ang mga baraha sa lamesa na nakataob at pinapili niya ako ng tatlo. Sa unang pili ko ay puro itim ang lumabas na kulay ng napili ko. Hindi siya nagsalita at napatingin sakin ng parang may talim.

Binalasa nya ulit ang mga cards at pinapili ako ng tatlo. Kumuha ako ulit ng tatlong cards. Hindi ko nakita kong ano ang mga napili ko kasi siya ang unang tumingin, medyo matagal niyang tinitingnan ang tatlong cards at tumungin siya sa akin at ipinakita ang cards. Tatlong 6 ang nasa cards. 666.... May ilang segundo siyang nakatingin sa akin at sabay nagtanong..

"May tinatago ka ba iho?"

Napasagot ako "Paano pong tinatago?"

Muli siyang nagsalita "May kakaiba sa iyo, pagpasok mo palang sa pinto ay nagtayuan na ang aking balahibo. May parang itim na aura at itim na manipis na usok ang bumabalot sa iyong buong katawan kaya hindi kita inaalisan ng tingin kung napapansin mo."

Doon ko na naikwento ang tungkol sa Black Magic, kinuwento ko sa matanda na nag-aaral ako ng Black Magic at Occult. Kinuwento ko rin ang mga kakaiba kong nararanasan.

Nanlaki ang kanyang mga mata at parang hindi alam ang sasabahin. Ang nasabi niya nalang ay magbalik-loob daw ako habang hindi pa tuluyang nakukuha ng mga demonyo ang aking katawan.

Pagkatapos ay iniwan nya kami para ituloy ang kanyang ginagawa.

Demonic Oppression, Black Aura
Image: Second Life Marketplace

Pumunta kami sa dining table upang kumain. Doon ay tinuloy namin ang kwentuhan ng mga pinsan ng kaibigan ko. Nasabi sakin ng babaeng pinsan ng kaibigan ko na pagpasok ko raw sa pinto ay parang hindi nya gaanong maaninag ang aking mukha, para daw blurred na natatakpan ng madilim na usok na hindi niya maintindihan, pareho sa nakita ng kasambahay nila. Doon na rin nalaman ng kaibigan ko ang mga nangyayari sa akin.

Maghahapon na at pauwi na kami ng tinanong niya ako kung gusto kong sa kanila na muna ako magstay para may kasama ako. Hindi na ako nagdalawang-isip. Pumunta muna kami sa dorm para kumuha ng damit at pumunta na sa kanila.

Sa kanila, ay ganoon pa rin ang aking nararanasan tuwing gabi. Halos hindi ako makatulog dahil hindi ako tinatantanan ng demonyo sa aking panaginip kapag nakakatulog ako. Lagi rin akong puyat at pakiramdam ko bumabagsak ang aking katawan, lumalala na rin ang aking anxiety.

Sa totoo lang ay medyo nahihirapan na ako sa nangyayari kahit nasasanay ako. Kaya nag decide akong umuwi muna sa province sa amin.

Sa probinsya ay mas lalong lumala ang lahat. Halos hindi na ako pinapatulog ng maitim na nilalang. Mahigit 3 months na rin ang nararanasan kong kakaiba pero wala akong pinagsabihan kahit sino sa pamilya ko, ang tanging nakakaalam lang ay ang kaibigan ko at relatives niya.

Pakiramdam ko ay magme-mental breakdown na ako sa mga nangyayari, pumasok sa isip ko na mag pa exorcise na dahil baka napapossessed na ako ng demonyo. Pero hindi ko alam kung paano ang gagawin.

Pakiramdam ko ay pinapahina niya ang aking katawan para makuha ako. Ngunit patuloy akong lumalaban.
Demonic Oppression
Image: Focus on the Family

Niresearch ko sa internet ang Demonic Possession. Para pala ma possessed ka ng isang demonyo ay kailangan muna niyang pahinain ang inyo katawan at pag-iisip o mas kilala sa tawag na Demonic Opression. Inisip ko na baka ganoon na ang nangyayari sa akin.

Isang araw ay parang di ko na talaga kakayanin ang lahat, gusto ko ng sumuko pero hindi pwede kasi kung susuko ako ay baka mawala ako. Biglang pumasok sa isip ko na hindi totoo ang mga nangyayari, kailangan kong gumising sa katotohanan na imahinasyon lang ang lahat, na hindi totoo ang demonyo sa aking panaginip, na hindi totoo ang mga nararanasan at nakikita ko.

Laking gulat ko ng mga sumunod na araw. Simula noon ay nawala ang demonyo sa aking panaginip, bumalik ang lahat sa normal. Nakakatulog na rin ako ng mahimbing at wala ng gumugulo sa akin. Nakakaranas pa rin ako ng pailan-ilang sleep paralysis pero wala na ang nilalang hindi tulad ng dati.

Hanggang ngayon ay hindi ko pa rin maintindihan kung Demonic Oppression talaga ang naranasan ko 10 years ago o isang psychological lang. Dahil kung Psychological siya, paano ko maeexplain ang mga naranasan ng ibang tao sa akin.

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