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2021 Wealth Chinese Yearly Horoscope For All Zodiac Sign

2021 Wealth Chinese Horoscope For All Zodiac Sign

What's in store for you in 2021? Here is 2021 Chinese yearly horoscope predictions, for 12 Chinese zodiac animals in money/finance.

Rat Born In: 1960 1972 1984 19962021 Chinese Horoscope For Rat
Wealth Rating:
In 2021, the wealth horoscope of Rat people will rise significantly. Because of this, you have to rely on your own to achieve something in this year. The more efforts you make, the more you will be rewarded. What's more, you should focus on your career and come down to earth. Generally, you can easily do this as Rat is a steady-going and cautious sign.

Ox Born In: 1961 1973 1985 1997

2021 Chinese Horoscope For  Ox

Wealth Rating:
The heavenly stem Xin will suppress your wealth horoscope to some extent. In Ben Ming Nian, the overall horoscope of Ox people will become precarious. In spite of some luck in windfall, you are not suggested to try as windfall itself means certain risk. In view of the instability of the overall horoscope, you people born in the Ox year can easily encounter something unexpected if you try rashly. In the animal year, you will be prone to accidents that can lead to economic losses and then bring you more pressure. Besides, Xin and Chou of different property in five elements will cause disaster on your way to wealth. Therefore, the wealth horoscope of Oxen in 2021 can be unsatisfactory.

Tiger Born In: 1962 1974 1986
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Tiger

Wealth Rating:
Though Tai Sui will not bring you good luck for wealth, you people of Tiger sign will be blessed in income from work. Maybe you think your economic life remains the same, but you will find it easier to make money this year, and always can yield good results as long as you work hard. The more efforts you make, the more rewards you get. A motivated and competitive zodiac sign, together with your efforts and the good luck in work income, you will accumulate a lot of wealth this year.

Rabbit Born In: 1963 1975 1987
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Rabbit
Wealth Rating:
The 2021 wealth horoscope of you people born in the Rabbit years will be fine, but mainly from the aspect of windfall. Therefore, you may find the career development barely satisfactory - no big change in employment income but certain earnings from other aspects. Sometimes you can even get some windfall, so don't stick too precisely to form since appropriate risks will be a bigger help on your economic life. However, you Rabbit sign may fail to seize the opportunities offered due to the timid and indecisive personality.

Dragon Born In: 1964 1976 1988
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Dragon
Wealth Rating:
Since the element of Dragon bears metal, the element of the heavenly stem Xin (辛) in 2021, you people under Dragon sign will have good luck in wealth. But the clash with Tai Sui will suppress your wealth horoscope to a certain degree. On the way of seeking wealth, you will be easily framed or persecuted by villains and find it hard to make money. Of course, Dragon is comparatively lucky for wealth in the year of damaging Tai Sui. The setbacks and obstacles will affect your economic life too much. If you can pay more attention in the process for money, try not to offend others and learn to be more tactful, your economic life in this year can be rather good.

Snake Born In: 1965 1977 1989
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Snake

Wealth Rating:
With good luck for wealth in 2021, you people born in the Snake years will get some windfalls and many opportunities to make money with the blessing of the auspicious star Tian De. Make sure you keep clear accounts in the cooperation, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble. In 2021, you will get considerable income from work and it may even keep rising. However, it is worth reminding that you should be restrained from spending extravagantly even if you are paid well.

Sheep Born In: 1967 1979 1991
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Sheep
Wealth Rating:
The conflict with Ox will pose a great impact on the wealth horoscope of people born in the Sheep years. The impaired income from work, together with no luck for windfall, will make you feel frustrated in either work income or windfall. Therefore, your economic income will fall substantially and you may easily suffer money losses due to unexpected events in life, seeing increased economic pressure in 2021. If you have a certain amount of savings, this year will not be too hard, but if not it can be more and more difficult or end with some debts.

Monkey Born In 1968 1980 1992
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Monkey
Wealth Rating:
In view of the mixed fortune, you Monkey people need to take on the road of windfall if you want to make money. Although the way can be risk-ridden, you will reap immense rewards. In the meantime, the generating cycle formed by metal Monkey and earth Ox is beneficial for making money, especially the income from work. Therefore, Monkeys will be lucky in both employment income and windfall. If you make the wrong choice or the chose the source of wealth inconsistent with real life, however, your income will not be substantially increased. To make money in 2021, the first thing is to find a direction and decide whether to seek windfall or work income as per the practical situation.

Rooster Born In: 1969 1981 1993
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Rooster
Wealth Rating:
2021 means pretty good luck in work income for people born in the Rooster years. Moreover, the earthly branch You (酉) of Rooster belongs to metal which can draw money and Rooster itself is a lucky sign for wealth. Once given the good fortune, you can make a lot of money. But the presence of the inauspicious star ''Da Hao'' can make you spend more money and suffer money losses in 2021. Therefore, you are suggested to save money and avoid wasting while making efforts to earn.

Dog Born In: 1970 1982 1994
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Dog

Wealth Rating:
The wealth horoscope of you Dogs can be neither too good nor too bad. Despite the good luck for work income, you must be careful about the impact of torturing Tai Sui on your fortune. As the economic income increases in 2021, you people of Dog sign can still encounter a great deal of trouble while seeking wealth and find it difficult to make a big profit. In short, you will not be short of money but feel a little hard to make money.

Pig Born In: 1971 1983 1995
2021 Chinese Horoscope For Pig

Wealth Rating:
No doubt wealth, especially windfall, will be the best in the overall Pig horoscope of 2021. If you want to ask for wealth, just focus on windfall and seize the opportunity. Perhaps you may undertake some risks, the rewards can be immense. However, you should pay attention to guard against villains in the process of making money, because the inauspicious star Zhi Bei upon Pig sign will bring wagging of tongues. Despite the little impact of verbal aggression on the source of wealth, your income might be affected if you fail to handle it properly.

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