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21 Bad Omens That Tell You Death Is Near

21 Bad Omens That Tell You Death Is Near

Death is often a subject that is avoided by humans because it's uncomfortable to think about the inevitable. Not many people want to think about the eerily unknown afterlife or the creepy things that happen to their body after death. However, for some people, portents of death are painfully enticing, as if the knowledge or warning could somehow help them escape mortality. These kinds of pre-death indicators are found across cultures and serve as signs of death for you or someone around you.

While there are omens around the world that indicate bad luck, even darker ones foreshadow death. This list is a compilation of omens of death, from sensible signs to absolutely insane warnings. In case the universe sends you a sign, read on to learn about some everyday death omens. 

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Death Crowns Can Be Found Inside Down Feather Pillows

If you or someone you know with a feather pillow falls ill, tear it open and check for a death crown - also known as an "angel crown." It may make you look absolutely insane, but it's better to be safe than sorry. The phenomena of death crowns have been most widely acknowledged in Appalachia. These “crowns” can be found in the pillows of ill people, and consist of crown-shaped masses of feathers that have clumped together.

They are most likely created by the tossing and turning of an ill person, but are viewed by some as omens of death. If one was discovered inside the pillow of an ill person, it was believed that the person would pass away unless the feather crown was broken. Some death crowns from earlier decades can be found in the Museum of Appalachia in Tennessee.

Black Butterfly

Black Butterflies Are Typically Regarded As A Symbol Of Death

Butterflies are entrancing, but you should keep away from black butterflies unless you want to risk being doomed. While there are a few cultural discrepancies involving the symbolism of butterflies and their color variations, black butterflies are often viewed as a sign of death or misfortune. Sometimes this death can be symbolic and only indicate the ending of a relationship or phase of life. According to some, however, coming across a black butterfly in your house is supposed to indicate that a member of your household will soon perish or has recently passed.

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Halley's Comet Has Been Blamed For Much Death And Destruction

Comets were often blamed by ancient people for many different disasters and could be regarded as doom or death omens and messages from the gods. Take heed the next time you choose to stargaze.

Halley’s Comet is a periodic comet that is typically only viewable every 75 years when it passes close to Earth. It was last here in 1986. Halley’s Comet alone was blamed for illnesses, natural disasters, and two-headed animals in Switzerland. In England, Halley’s Comet was thought to have brought the Black Death.

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Seeing An Apparition Or "Double" Of A Person Typically Symbolizes Death

Unless you have a twin, seeing a doppelgänger of yourself is never a promising encounter. The word "doppelgänger" refers to the ghostly duplicate of a living person. Though the word is German, it is believed by many different cultures that a person is doomed if they see their own doppelgänger.

It is said that Abraham Lincoln told his wife that as soon as he was elected president, he saw two of his own faces in the mirror. His wife then accurately predicted that the apparition meant that Lincoln would be elected to a second term but would not survive it.

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The Deathwatch Beetle Got Its Name From Its Association With Death

Hopefully you're not hard of hearing, because oftentimes incessant tapping or ticking sounds are interpreted as a bad omen. Deathwatch beetles are well-known pests when it comes to wooden buildings or furniture. These beetles bore into the wood and bang their heads against it in order to attract mates.

They acquired their name because of the tapping sounds they make, which were interpreted by people who spent sleepless nights around dying people. This lead to a superstition that the sound of this beetle was a bad omen. If you start hearing unexplainable tapping around you, death may be on its way. 

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Particular Growth Developments In Children Are Considered Death Omens

Children, while already quite vulnerable, have fatal superstitions surrounding their growth and development. When a child has long fingers at birth, many believe it to be a sign of it growing up to be a successful artist or musician. However, some actually believe that long fingers at birth are an omen of the child perishing young.

Similarly, if a child’s first tooth grows in the upper jaw, it is an omen that they may perish in infancy. It is also believed that a child will go to the grave prematurely if its fingernails are trimmed within its first year of life.

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Solar Eclipses Have Been Associated With Many Deaths

Solar eclipses have long been viewed as unnatural disturbances and as death omens. It was typically believed that solar eclipses were representative of something that was going wrong, so they were associated with disasters and destruction.

The passing of King Henry I was believed to have been predicted by an eclipse, as shortly after one occurred, he perished in Normandy. In parts of India, solar eclipses lead to fasting, as people believe that food cooked during such an occurrence is impure. Some cultures even believe that eclipses pose a danger to pregnant women and children.


Opals Were Believed To Have An Evil Influence On People

Opals are a beautiful gem, but the next time you want to don a gleaming piece of opal jewelry, consider its association with one of the most devastating pandemics in history - the Black Death. As the plague made its destructive path across Europe, it was noted that victims who wore opals had their gems turn colors. Opals would sparkle until the person perished. Because of this, many blamed opals for many deaths caused by the plague.

It is likely that the stones had only changed because of the differences between warm and cold. When the victims were alive with fever, the opal stones would reflect the heat with brilliance. However, when the victim perished, the coldness of their corpse would alter the stones. This explanation seems solid, but who really wants to take that chance?

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Certain Dreams Could Be Heralds Of Death

It is sometimes difficult to remember dreams, but you’ll want to be subconsciously wary of certain scenarios whenever you doze off, because they serve as warnings of death. For example, it is believed that dreaming about more than one moon is a bad omen. Similarly, to dream of walking through muddy water might mean the end is near.

Oh, and try not to let your mind wander to your mouth while you’re dreaming. It sounds weird, but dreaming of your teeth falling out supposedly indicates impending death, too - or it might just mean anxiety

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Will-o-the-Wisps Predict The Deaths Of Those They Hover Over

If you've been seeing mysterious lights following you around, death may be coming for you. Will-o-the-wisps, also known as "corpse candles" or ignis fatuus are ominous, mysterious orbs or flames of light that can present themselves in blue, yellow, or white colors. Science has explained this phenomenon as glowing balls of marsh gas, but there are also superstitions that the lights come from spirits.

Either way, it has been long believed that some will-o-the-wisps are death omens. They supposedly float over the home of a person who is going to perish, or fly partway between a sick person's home and ultimate grave site. Will-o-the-wisps are even known to float over fishing boats, indicating that they will soon sink.

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Three Knocks Heard At Your Door Is A Death Omen

If you believe in old superstitions, three knocks at your door could potentially be fatal. When three knocks are heard, it indicates that someone has just perished or is about to.

In Ireland, three knocks at the door or window is a definite death omen. In Scotland, three knocks are viewed as a death omen only if the knocks occur at consistent intervals within a duration of a few minutes. This superstition is also associated with many Native American tribes.

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Mirrors May Bring More Than Just Bad Luck

It is said that allowing a child to look into a mirror before it is christened or before its first year of life is unlucky, and could result in an early death. In a similar superstition, many believe that breaking a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck - a situation which could presumably include death. 

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Black Cats Are A Classic Bad Omen

While there are some positive superstitions associated with black cats, it has also been believed that black cats are omens of death in different ways.

If a black cat crosses in front of a funeral procession, someone in the family of the deceased will perish in the near future. A black cat on the bed of a sick person is supposedly an indicator that the person will soon pass.

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Trees Can Also Foretell Death

Mother Nature isn’t as motherly as you think when you consider the fact that trees can be considered bad omens. A peach tree can foretell a death in the family if it blooms early.

A cedar tree planted in your yard spells doom - apparently, whoever plants the tree or transplants it there from another location will pass when the lower limbs grow as long as your coffin would be. 

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Owls Are Said To Bear News Of Death

Owls already have a specifically ominous reputation, so it makes sense that they are known as messengers of death. If an owl hoots as it is perched on your rooftop, it is believed that death will soon pay a visit to your home or to someone nearby. If an owl hoots while flying past a sick person, it signals that that person will likely not recover from their illness.

This superstition may date back to the Roman emperor Antonius, as an owl was seen perched over his chamber door before he passed. 

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Broken Portraits Could Signify Death

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of earthquakes, it’s probably best to take down your family portraits. It is supposedly a bad omen if a portrait falls off of the wall. Typically, this event foretells the passing of whoever is pictured (so hopefully you're not in any group shots). Similarly, another superstition states that if the glass of a portrait breaks on its own, a death will occur within the family.

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Your Broken Dishware Could Signal Your Death

Next time you're asked to partake in a toast, be wary of your glass. And if people are toasting you, be even more wary of their glasses. Breaking a glass while drinking to a toast could mean bad luck - maybe an early death. In other contexts, however, breaking a glass is lucky.

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The Simple Act Of Baking Could Reveal Bad Omens

Nothing is sacred where death omens are concerned - not even the innocent act of baking. One peculiar belief is that when a loaf of bread splits all the way across the top while baking, it symbolizes that death is nearby. Likewise, a loaf of bread that spills over the top of its pan while baking indicates that someone within the home will soon perish.

Another more specific omen originates from early Pennsylvanian settlers, warning that a clock striking noon when fresh bread is served at lunch means death is approaching.

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Clocks Can Tell You What Time It Is And If You're Going To Die

If a weight in a family clock falls, it is a sign that there will be a death within your family. If your clock hasn’t been running but strikes anyway, look out for death, because it's coming. Furthermore, a clock that strikes 13 is not only an unreliable clock, but also a death sentence.

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Man's Best Friend Is Known To Foreshadow Death

Dogs are notorious for having a sixth sense for detecting trouble, especially where humans are concerned. Be wary of dogs howling under your window or inside your home around an ill person. Both are bad signs foreshadowing the end, and a dog howling with his head lowered is an indefinite death omen.

If you see the apparition of a headless or spectral black dog, that is also believed to be a sign that you will so perish. 

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Several Different Birds Are Believed To Foretell Death

Owls aren't the only flying harbingers of death. A bird flying into your home is supposedly a sign that there will be a death in the family. This sign is strengthened if said bird enters the bedroom of an ill person and lands on the bed or bedpost. White birds, crows, and pigeons that fly into a window at night are said to foretell death in the house that they made impact with.

Similarly, an ordinary woodpecker that knocks upon the house is a death omen.

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