Monday, December 14, 2020

Bodybuilder Who Fell In Love With A Doll, Marries Her

Yuri Tolochko

Having a doll isn’t something suspicious for a toddler. Probably little girls wish for a doll to play with and share things at their younger age. When time passes, the necessity of a doll is fade away. It is a bit odd if someone may still be willing to share things with a doll though they get older.

Yuri Tolochko

By proving love is blind, a Kazakhstan bodybuilder married has tied the knot with his beloved doll. Though it’s a bit odd, they engaged in 2019 and recently held a wedding ceremony. Even though we live in a world where people fell in love over features, qualities, and so many things, Yuri Tolochko fell in love with a doll that looks like a girl’s replacement.

Yuri Tolochko

Yuri explained that he saw her in a bar with someone else, and he felt the connection instantly and succeeded in rescuing her from that man. He called this doll “Margo,” and she becomes a soul mate for him.

Yuri started to post photos of them going on dates, hanging out with friends, and spending quality time together on social media. Though he has a viewpoint of people should never judge love, he received negative feedback from the crowd. By despising all the negativity, he decided to get married to his beloved doll Margo. Though their wedding happened with lots of criticism, few people at the wedding ceremony celebrate this love story.

[ By David Barns, VIRRALK ]

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