Saturday, December 19, 2020

Toxic People Never Apologize for Anything or Admit Their Mistakes

Toxic People

We’ve all encountered some toxic people in life and we know that if there’s one thing we’ll never get from them it’s an honest apology. You may hear them utter these words but it will only be to take advantage of you or manipulate you into giving them something they want. In any other case they’ll never say they’re sorry nor admit they’ve made a mistake. They will always try to look perfect and pin the blame on someone else. Why? Because they’re not mature enough to own up their mistakes and take responsibility for what they’ve done.

These people really feel like they just can’t be wrong. And even if they realize they’ve made a mistake they will say they were forced to do it because of this or that and make excuses. But the biggest problem with them is that you’ll never hear the apology you deserve, even though you know something is their fault. Even if you catch them red handed, cheating on you or talking behind your back, they will say the other person forced them to do it. They will say it wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t ignored them lately or if they didn’t have that last drink at the bar. There’s always an excuse for everything they do and it’s never their fault.

Your biggest mistake will be standing up to them and calling them up on their mistakes. They will turn the situation around on you and you’ll end up having to apologize in the end. There’s no reasoning with these people and you shouldn’t even try it. They’ll start talking about all the good things they’ve done and you’ll turn out to be ungrateful in the end. They will try to convince you that everything is your fault and even though they’re the ones who’ve made a mistake, you’ll end up feeling guilty and completely confused.

Don’t try to get an honest apology from them because you’ll never get it. They will never admit their mistakes and they will never reflect on what they’ve done. They will do whatever it takes to convince you that they’re innocent and they’ll even create lies and twist the truth to fit their story.

The best thing for you, when dealing with someone toxic is to just walk away. You’ll never going to change them or achieve anything with them. You’ll just waste your energy and in the end you’re going to be the one who feels bad. They only think about themselves and their interests so why bother trying to prove a point? Let them be and simply walk away.


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