Friday, February 19, 2021

How To Get Back Into Dating After A Toxic Relationship

Some of us have been in an abusive and toxic relationship. We were figuring out how we will get back on track, date and trust someone again. It seems that finding real happiness is impossible. 

The idea of dating may be a scary thing to get in. But it is a good idea to think ahead and to do it healthily. 


The good thing is that you can take steps that will serve as your guide when you are ready to start again, and it will prepare you to set yourself up for success. 


Get To Know Yourself Again


For some people who have been in abusive relationships we may have lost who we are. We were told for months or years that we are worthless, blamed for everything, belittled, and were also told that we are ugly and rash taking all its toll on one’s self-esteem. 


People with low self-confidence will attract people with low self-confidence which might end up going through the same cruel cycle all over again. 


After being in an abusive and toxic relationship, take time to reflect and get to know yourself once more. Be with the people you love for you to realize how adorable you are. Do things that you have always been wanted to do but didn’t believe for so long that you could; it will also make you realize how strong you are. Learn new things, get reconnected with your intelligence. Getting back up from being devastated and regaining your self-confidence is essential for success in the dating world. But suppose you go out there and not think that you are a victim and are strong enough to get out from that toxic relationship, someone who values themselves and is surrounded by the people who support and love you. In that case, you will then attract like-minded people—the type of person you want to be with. 


The idea may be scary but getting to know yourself again is an important stage of dating after a toxic relationship. 


Take Stock Of What Happened In Your Relationship


Toxic relationships are shattering. You may find yourself in a place constantly questioning everything around you, depressed, being subjected to verbal or even physical abuse. Striding water to prevent yourself from drowning. 


After getting off from an abusive relationship, it is essential to know how it became offensive. Was it abusive from the beginning, or did something happen which abuse developed? Is it continuous abuse or does it only occur during certain circumstances? Were you aware that you are being abused? Does anyone know about the abuse or did you hide it? 


It is also important to know your role in the relationship. Was there a point wherein you provoked your partner for abuse? Could you have left the situation earlier than you did? 


Being aware of what is happening in your relationship and accepting things you did that you can take responsibility for. It will help you get back into dating because you will have clearness on what happened and be gritty not to let it happen again. 




People who have gone through toxic relationships are sometimes full of doubts. Their previous affair has spoiled Their perception of love. Therefore finding or meeting someone who could accept and love the broken them seems unreal. This kind of thinking can be right to those who opt for online dating which can be a truly frustrating and unnatural way to date. 


It might be tough to find a new love but it is possible. You will meet someone who can treat you the way you should be treated and make you happy. It might take some time and probably kiss a couple of frogs hoping that they can turn into a prince but the right person is out there.


Although internet dating is unpleasant, few people have met their match online and have been living happily. So before jumping into the dating world again you need to have a positive mindset that it will work. Having negativity in your table will doom your dating prospects from the start. Have faith and believe that you will meet someone and the positive energy will give that right person to you.



Choose Differently


If you don’t take stock of the things that had happened in the past relationship you might carry the same burden in the next connection. You might just be looking for the same type of person and go over with the similar agony you have had before. Therefore your relationship will end the same way again.


Knowing the things you may have done wrong with your past toxic relationship makes it easier for you to see something that you need to do differently when you go on dating again. You will be more aware of the kind of person you want to be with. The behavior you both have, the sort of feelings you want your match to make you feel. 


Go Slowly



Some people fall in love easily. So in love, after a few dates they quickly fall into bed without even fully knowing the person. And when the person shows their true color, they are often too far in to get out of the relationship.


If you think you have met the right person for you, take your time. Get to know the person more, likes and dislikes their past relationships, goals in life and how they are with their parents. Do not fall into bed with them just yet. Intercourse can change everything, especially women who seem to get more attached to a person after having sex. Even they were not particularly committed before. 


Therefore while you are still trying to have a fresh start into dating, take things slowly. Please don’t do it like your previous one. Get to know more the person before falling into them. Before you give your heart, your mind and, your body. You will have a bigger chance of having a more successful relationship if you will do it.


Dating may be challenging most of the time. And knowing how to properly prepare yourself to get into it after a toxic relationship is important.


You have been through a lot and have endured pain. Therefore searching for a new match can be daunting. But you need to be brave. 


Before you get back in dating you need to know yourself again, love yourself also. Take stock of what happened in your relationship and be aware of what role you played in it. Choose carefully and be careful who you date. Lastly, never lose hope, know that the right person is there waiting for you, don’t put yourself in a rush. Take it slow this time. 


It is possible to find that one great love after being in a toxic relationship.


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